Facebook Likes Explained For Real

Social Media Marketing is not an option any more. 22% of the world population is on Facebook, with 62% of North America on it, and almost 40% of Europe. Social Media Marketing has become a must, and yet, the marketing trends on this medium change so quickly, that businesses are struggling to keep up.


Since Facebook is, debatably, the most popular social media platform, let us talk about growing your fan following on Facebook.


Needless to say, the larger your fan following is, the more people get to see the content you put up. Your ads reach more people. More fans learn about your new product, your new deals. Having said that, creating the large fan base can be a challenge.

Some marketers try to take a shortcut to doing this. Just like buying an email or phone number list from companies, some marketers choose to “buy real FaceBook likes from buyrealsocialmarketing.com”. How does that work? And, does it pay off?

What does it mean to “Buy Facebook Fans or “Likes”? Why would you want to “Buy Facebook Fans or “Likes”? What are the Benefits?

When a business wants to grow their Facebook following to make it look more popular, they can, very easily, purchase a fan base. A simple Google search would throw up many results on “Buying Real Facebook Likes”.

Most of these options cost very little, and give you an instant boost on “Real Likes”. Your page instantly starts to look super popular.

How does it work? The “Likes” provider, basically creates fake Facebook accounts in random countries. These people do not exist.

What happens next? Since these are imaginary people, while you have more likes on your page, the content you post really does not have a market. Because more people are not looking at what you are posting. Therefore, you are still reaching the original fan base that you had. Except that you lose view of who your real fans are.

At this point, all your Facebook insights also start throwing up results that make no sense, because your do not really have 2000 likes. You probably have 30.

A very important point to note here is that, Facebook does not like businesses that “buy real likes”. It supports and encourages authentic businesses. It also deletes fake accounts, and pages that obviously sue fake fans.

What’s next?

To mend the fake accounts, people came up with real people who become fake fans. This is called “Buying Real Likes”.

Who are these fake Real Fans? Now, providers of fake “Real Likes” get you fans from different countries, often middle aged men from developing countries. This costs a little more than fake accounts. You see a fan base growth in about a week. For a very short time, you seem to have more traffic. And then it all stops.

get real likes

Why? These fans are not targeted based on your business offerings.

Therefore, your posts, your deals and ads still fall on deaf ears. They are not interested in who you are, and what you do.

Yet again, your marketing efforts fail. Facebook insights fail to give you real insights. You have wasted more money. Again, you run the risk of Facebook losing credibility with Facebook. Facebook has deleted over 83 million fake pages and accounts.

Some other disadvantages of “Buying Real Likes” are that you are supporting illegal activities on the web. You start to lose authenticity to your actual real fans. Your actual fans lose their voice, since you do not hear them anymore.

What should you do instead?

Marketing, like any other business arm, has no shortcuts. This is more true on Social Media because your readership, your following, and page traffic are visible to more people with basic knowledge of social media. Young millennials know more about Facebook and Instagram than Strategic Marketing veterans. You cannot fool them.

real Facebook like marketing

Therefore, though it may take more time, more effort and sometimes more money, focus on growing organically or inorganically.

Organic growth would entail you promoting your page:

Know who your fans are. Look at Facebook insights. See when they are spending time on Facebook. Facebook helps you with all of this: https://www.facebook.com/business/a/page/page-insights

Boost your page: https://www.facebook.com/business/help/547448218658012.

Offer deals to fans only.

Pay for Facebook Ads

Create better content that engages your fans

Ask your fans to share your page.

Adopt Influencers, who recommend your business:



Astly, follow the social media marketing gurus: There are many social media marketing advisors out there. They have great ideas that help you better target your fans in a cost effective way. Some of this advice would mean more work for you- because you may need to spend more time understanding what your fans respond to. Again – No shortcuts.

Some gurus that I can recommend are:

Neil Patel http://neilpatel.com

Melyssa Griffin: www.melyssagriffin.com

George Kao www.georgekao.com


Facebook itself is a huge help. You can write to them, and they respond to you with quickly and with helpful tips


Inorganic growth for Facebook fans would mean engaging a specialist to create better content, paying for more and better ads. Most of the Social Media experts also consult for a fee.


Social media marketing is an unknown territory for most, changing its ways every day. However, putting in the effort to grow your fan base while ensuring that your fan base is actually your target market would yield better results. And once you have a large enough base, you will see it grow on its own.

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